Sunday, October 30, 2005

I was gonna post about all the fun events and quotes from Saturday's Halloween party, but I can't - maybe some other day.

Right now there's no way. I just can't. I don't know what to write right now. Or think.

I just..I just don't.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cleanin' up some biznass Part II

More quotes, some new, some as old as two weeks, but funny nonetheless.

"In the clutch, I perform." - Buchs, on being a good friend.

Someone: Where's Bobby?
Someone else: I dunno, probably riding a camel.

"I'm pretty much like Jesus." - Jer

"The table's name is...somebody else." - Sean, incredibly drunk and not making a God-damn bit of sense.

Stomach vs. Fists
Chris: Let's go fight hindus.
Ian: Can we get some BBQ peanuts first?

As Chris left for his hockey game...
"Good luck....Dammit, I wasted two words there that I'll never get back." - Jer

Now, I was just planning on posting those quotes, but then Kels called me a few minutes ago, driving home to Burnaby after coming out here to watch the hockey game with us. She was bored on the drive I guess, and well, was weirder than normal.

She was going on and on about the following random topics - her windshield wipers, a big puddle off the Kensington Ave. that's always "the funnest part of the drive home", and the movie A League of their Own. In between all this, she was singing country songs horribly (I mean beautifully). Now, it wouldn't have been THAT bad, except every five seconds the songs were interrupted with road rage - "Fuck you bitch! Get out of my lane!"

American Idol awaits...

Saturday, October 22, 2005

***I forgot to mention the first time, but three more people - Tara, Amanda, and Katie - have recently started msn blogs. I don't know how often the three of 'em will update, but at the very least there are some good pictures there, so I added them to the link list. I also organized the blogs by my groups of friends - mainly because otherwise there'd be two Tara's on the list, and we can't have that.

Cleanin' up some biznass...

I haven't posted in a week or so, and I've got some old quotes and stories to blog about. Most are from Kelsey's party she had last Saturday.

"If I wanna stick my thumb up a little dog's ass then I'm gonna do it!" - Ian, tanked.

"That's not a fucking raccoon at all!!" - Ian again, after staring at a rabbit in a cage for a solid 5-10 minutes.

"If I wanted to get wet I'd baptize myself." - Brad, not happy about walking in the rain.

'Twas a good shaker overall, or a good 'Box Social' if you will. I remember parts of it, but I did drink a bottle of gin too, so that might be why parts are blurry. This weekend hasn't exactly got off to the greatest of starts. Work was alright Friday, I've got a couple big stories on the go, which is always fun.

Our Friday nights lately though, need some improvement. A lot of people aren't around anymore on Fridays due to work/hockey or working early Saturday a.m. So there's a limited crew, and not a whole lot to do. Some of us ended up going to Sharks but it wasn't very fun, and to be honest I was kinda sick of being around people, so I took off and came home to sleep. Lame? Maybe a little, but it was OK still.

Tonight, Canucks' game. Can't go wrong with that (I don't think).

Friday, October 14, 2005

After Brad mentioned on msn he wanted to go back in time to his birth...

"He definitely needs a mulligan on life. Maybe he'd do it right next time." - Chris

Speaking of people who may or may not need "life mulligans", it was Mike's birthday yesterday, the 13th. I tried saying happy birthday to him on msn, but he didn't answer, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna waste LD minutes on my phone and actually call the poor sucker (by the way: Mike, I don't have your Vernon #'s anyway). Anyway, because of all that, I'm here writing this.

Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"I love hockey so much I just wanna blow my load every time I think about it." - Sean, happy (to say the least) about the return of the NHL.


Well, it was Thanksgiving this past weekend. Normally, it's not a holiday I really give much attention to. It's just a day off and an excuse to gorge on turkey and pie. Good enough for me. Then Melissa asked me what I was thankful for, and I said I didn't know.

I really hadn't thought about it.

In previous years I've probably said I was thankful for the usual stuff that everyone always says they're thankful for - their friends, their family etc etc.

All good choices. Except this particular year I'm thankful for something else for a change.


Yup, I'm gonna be a conceited bastard and say the thing I'm most thankful for this year is myself. That I'm here. Alive. Well. Doin' my thing (whatever that turns out to be).

For a decent majority of my life, I've spent a lot of energy on other people - lookin' out for 'em, cheering them up, or just generally being there for them, whether they needed or wanted it or not. Any number of my friends will tell you I'm too nice for my own good.

Well, this year has been no different. Except that I've now decided to try and not waste so much energy on other people. That's not to say that I'm not thankful for my friends, or won't be there for 'em should some catastrophic event arise, but I'm just not going to care so much about any of the piddly crap anymore - especially other people's crap.

Instead I'm just going to worry about myself, because this year, for the first time in awhile I actually have "me" stuff to focus on. And thus far this year I've done a decent job of doing that, so I'm thankful for myself.

Cuz if I didn't do any of that, I'd be pretty fucking miserable.

Now, like I said, I'm still thankful for everyone else, but for the time being I'm more thankful for myself.

You should be too.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Okay, in the past few posts, Jer has given me shit for not remembering or posting every single funny quote, and I confess right now that there's one I can't remember - Jer even said to me "Hey Nick, remember that!" right when it happened...but I forget. So Jer, if you remember, comment away. Sorry bud.

Alas, there were somethings I remembered.

"You know what fucking pisses me off? (Minorities) who still get overly offended and think absolutely every time you say anything it's somehow a racist burn on them. You know what? Slavery ended 170 fucking years ago. Get over it." - Buch's rant

Buchs, shitfaced on Wednesday, making new friends...

Buchs: So, where you from?
Guy in bar: Washington.
Buchs: That sucks. I've been to Washington twice and both times it fucking sucked.

"It's like fucking a fleece bear." - Buchs again, on the virtues of wearing his new sweatpants.

"God I hope my kids don't grow up to be like him." - Kels, talking about - guess who? - Bucholtz.

"Why are you licking the carpet? What are you, a lesbian?" - Kels, to her dog Rocky the other day.

"Four guys in a purple Ford Aspire. Man, we're pimps." - Sean, before honking the horn at some girls.

"Did you know the there's no slang in the German language? It's true - they can say 'Let's liquidate the Jews' but they can't tell you to 'Fuck your hat'." - Buchs.

Last night was a pretty low-key one once again, went to the movies with Buchs and Brad and saw Two for the Money, which was pretty good, although the last few times I've seen Al Pacino in a movie it hasn't been as good he used to be. Ah, well, he's still rad.

Then we headed over to Lambie's for a bit, where everyone else was - minus Chris, who's in Kamloops, and Kelsey, who's in Enderby. It was actually an odd Friday for me, because my normal Friday routine consists of working til 3, then going to Jimy Mac's for beer/food with Kelsey and/or Chris, and usually Tara too. But instead, I worked late, til my usual 5:00 quitting time, and came home and didn't go to any pub for dinner. Instead, my two usual accomplices were in the Okanagan, and some other people bailed on the food idea, so we went to the movies instead. It was a good night, but it was a bit different than the normal routine - never bad to mix things up once in awhile though.

So that was the night in the nutshell - the highlight being when Lambie ate a sickeningly-gross spider web and dead bug in it for $14. Just gross. Yet awesome. Tonight we're watching the Canucks' game, I'm just not sure where. Somebody's house, or Slapshots, most likely.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

"It looks like a giant robot took a shit." - Ian, on the skytrain, looking at the Expo/Science World building.

"Fuck I'm sweet." - Sean, happy with himself after spraying playing cards all over his living room, and right onto Rachel's plate while she was eating something. He was more impressed than her.

Sean: I'm not going. I got tired.
Brad: Tired of what?
Sean: Being awake.

Sean: Why don't you grow up?
Brad: I would if I could. Then I'd be like Jack and the beanstalk. I'd be all tall, and climby, and shit.

"I thought I hit a dog but it was only a juicebox." - Brad, after parking his car.

After Jer poured a perfect beer really quickly...
Kels: Nice pour!
Jer: Yeah I know. I'm not gonna lie, I got a woody now.
Bobby: Really? I think that'd only be worth like a half-chub at best.
Jer: Hey, it's my pour and I'll get whatever percentage of chub that I want.

It's weird how we can end up going to three bars in one night, yet having nothing really super exciting happen. No one was drunk (except Brad), just very mellow.

Some of us went to Fort Pub for dinner - where Bucholtz wouldn't stop singing "Closer to the Heart" at the top of his lungs. Then he left without his cell phone and iPod. Idiot.

After Fort I went home for an hour or so and just chilled - there was a decided lack of activity last night - Sean, Buchs and Ian all had to work Saturday so they called it a night before 10; Chris was coaching hockey; Jer was at the Giants game with his dad; and Kels wasn't sure if she'd be coming out of not.

She did though - and me, her, Tara, Amanda and Brad decided to go to Sharks for awhile. But it was shut down for the night by the Liquor Control folks, so we were out of luck with bar #2. So we inevitably headed to the ol' standby, Slapshots. Turned out to be fun in the end - Jer and Bobby showed up later, and Rob was there too. Just not our usual night of craziness - which was good actually because I was really tired from the Audioslave concert the night before (Which was fucking AWESOME!).

I didn't really drink - a couple beers probably, just 'cuz I'm saving my energy for tonight's Canucks' PPV exhibition game. We're headed back to Slaps.

Should be good.