Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Funtastic Quotes

It's been a long time since I've done a quotes post – or a post of any sort, really – and since I have a few stockpiled from Funtastic earlier this month, I figured I'd write 'em up.

Enjoy. (Or be disgusted and confused. Either way)

"Mini corns are the silent killer of the mini snack world." - Bucholtz

"Seriously, mini corns are like Antonio Banderas – they sneak up on you and BOOM! You're dead." - Bucholtz again, on a mini-corn rant.

"I should charge chicks money because my boys can swim so well." - Davy, father of 100 children. (OK, four kids, but still).

"Well I can walk, so I'm better than turtles." - Bucholtz.

"Pine cones are pretty much just tree turds, right?" - Christene

"Sometimes it just doesn't stop – it's like clay. What am I doin', fingerpainting down there? - Sean, being a little too descriptive when discussing the amount of wipes it sometimes takes him to, well, clean up.

"Get off my fucking back - I'm just moving my balls around!" - TO, caught adjusting.