Thursday, November 18, 2004

"Stop talking. You're using ten dollar words to make a five cent point." - Rob, arguing with a complaining reader who called in to our paper today.

"I don't want to be alone my whole life, I don't want to end up with cats. I hate cats." - Melissa, discussing the cons of never getting married."

Monday, November 08, 2004

Hello, again.

Well, it's been awhile since the last post - since the weekend of the car accicent. And to be honest, there was some stuff before that night that I wanted to post but never got around too. Consider this lengthy edition a Fall Cleaning of sorts.

First, the accident update. My injuries are slowly healing - although my ribs still hurt when I lie down to sleep. I've been to the doctor once since the accident, where he informed me it'd probably take 6-8 weeks for my ribs to feel completely normal again, since those rib muscles can't be rested- you gotta breathe, after all. So thats the scoop. Chris and Jenna seem to be doin' alright, both are getting back to work and/or hockey this week.

ICBC though, continues to astound and unimpress. They offered Chris $5400 for his written off car. A little low, we expected about $6,000, but the reasons behind it were baffling. Apparently his aftermarket mag wheels devalue the car. ICBC said the shitty stock rims/hubcaps in our garage are worth more. Secondly, they said there's a big rip in the driver's seat - which there certainly isn't, so who know what car they were actually looking at. So, not to my surprise, they've continued their reputation as fuckers. All of 'em.

Speaking of fuckers, Mr. Ronald Donnelly hasn't yet come forward to ICBC and bucked up for his hit-and-run, with considerably delays the proceeding. Even worse, the cops haven't even bothered to talk to him despite telling us the night of the accident they'd be talking to him "in about 10 minutes." I don't know what the fuck those cops are doing, but if they're content to let a guy go who should realistically be facing criminal hit-and-run charges, they're doing a good job. Either way, I know the guy's address, maybe I'll go drag him in myself.

In the meantime, other things are goin on around here. We had a Halloween party last weekend which was pretty rad (If my computer hadn't lost all programs, including FTP, when it was reformatted, I'd post some that'll have to wait). Some of the highlights, besides my 1970s Anchorman-turned-Angus Young costume, was Chris' 1980's rock star, Jenna's dominatrix, Katie's superhero (Captain Hot), and Lambie's...well, I'm not sure what he was but he had ridiculous shorts, and a cul-de-sac shaved head, and a mullet. Basically, his hair looked like he was run over with a lawn mower. So it was a good show, everyone got drunk, and for some reason the cops had our nice little shindig staked out pretty good. Not quite sure why, there weren't that many of us and nothing was really going on. Oh well, I guess they needed a break from tracking down ol' Ron Donnelly, which I can understand, because he's a tough guy to find (5975 176 St.).

Speaking of hockey (i was, earlier...just scroll up and check jerks), Chris had a heckuva game last night. His team got smoked 4-0, and two of the team's key players are now gone after getting jobs in Northern Alberta (will people not learn?!), but Chris was a one-man wrecking crew. He had hit after hit - he almost knocked a much bigger guy right out, and then, to top it all off, he crushed a poor sucker right through the glass. The glass didn't shatter or anything, but it popped right out and the guy went right through the space. It was huge. Then in the third, Gorski (goalie) got ran over by the same punk Chris almost knocked out earlier, and Chris jumped the kid and pummeled him a little bit before the ref's broke it up. He got booted out for fighting. As he was being escorted off the ice, the linesman said "Nice Job, 16. I'd have done the same thing."

In other, much older news, we went up to Whistler to visit Jer last month..seems like ages ago. In reality, this weekend deserves it's own post, but since the time is well since passed, I'll condence it for ya.

We were walking around the village on Saturday, and there was an abundance of hot women, many of whom were, well, let's say they were well-equipped. After a few minutes of me, chris, pat or jeremy trying to be sneaky and quiet while pointing a girl out to the others, Jeremy came up with a much more stealth plan- code words. He decided that whenever one of us saw a hot girl, we'd say "Cinnamon." The plan worked fine (except people probably wondered why the fuck three guys were wandering around the Village naming spices), until Jeremy kind of blew our cover...

"Jesus Christ, look at the cinnamons bouncing around on that one." - Jeremy

Real stealth, Germ. Nice and smooth, as usual.

There were other moments as well - Patty's "Leap of Faith" from the top of a fence right into a pine tree in an attempt to dislodge a frisbee (It worked). Jeremy picked a fight with some douche at the bar who suggested Jeremy was a little hefty. Then Chris puked out a 2nd story window (which Jer later got in trouble for from the hotel manager).

So that's the scoop folks. I'll try to post a little more regularly - lots of stuff coming up: Patty P-Styles' birthday this weekend, Tragically Hip concert (Nov. 14), Michael White and the White concert (Nov. 20) and Vancouver Giants game (Nov. 28). Then we're straight into Christmas...busy times for sure.