Thursday, September 30, 2004

As Al so aptly pointed out over in the tagboard, I haven't been posting as much lately - and nothing since Melissa's birthday.

I figured, since I was due for a post, I'd explain why the posts have been few-and-far between.

First of all, there haven't been a ton of interesting things going on lately - at least none I remember when I'm sitting at my computer. And secondly, since nobody else other than Melissa blog on a semi-regular basis, I'm never very motivated to write anything, nor do I have to respond anymore to some insult or remark Mike has made on his blog, since well, his blog is on hiatus while he "recharges his batteries of evil." Truth be told, he's just become a video-game addict - batteries of evil, my ass.

And this week, aside from blogging, I haven't been online much at all, and for one simple reason.

NCAA Football 2004 for PS2.

Absolutely fantastic game and I was lucky to find it since it's only sold in the U.S. - I got it in the Used Games section of a store in the mall. And I'm quickly becoming addicted to it. God damn I love sports games.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Dale: I promised Melissa that I'd get her the biggest possible random thing for her birthday.
Me: So what'd you get her?
Dale: Twenty bucks.

"Tonight we're gonna get loaded then have a plum eating contest." - Dale

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

:: Give it away now ::

Things I got free today, or at least was offered:

1. Surrey Eagles hat and keychain

2. Vancouver Giants tickets

3. Ticket to University of Washington Huskies football game, and transportation to the game this Saturday. I can't go though, because I'll be in Kamloops.

Ahh, the perks of the job.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

What a good fucking party, or shaker, if you will.

The following things happened after we started drinking during the Canada-Czech game (awesome game by the way, for obvious reasons!).

- For once all of us (minus Jeremy in Whistler) were in one place at the same time.
- Slutty girls showed up.
- Hundreds of beers were drank.
- Gorski puked, then left to "walk home" which was far away. I don't know if he ever got there.
- Ian spilled half a beer on me.
- Ian got his ass kicked, including one hell of a punch to the left nut (by me).
- Ian passed out in my backyard on the grass then disappeared to, assumably go home.
- Despite leaving, Ian left his shoes at my house.

What a great fuckin' night.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Just making a friendly point...

Meghan, now that a) school is in where there are computers and b) you have a new place with internet access, there really is no reason other than extreme laziness and slothery that is keeping you from updating your blog, which I think may be in danger of being designated a Heritage Site by the Canadian Government and DUMB - the Dammit Update More Blogs Society.

I don't mean to call you out, because there are others too, but I have a lot of spare time on my hands - gimme something to read here! I mean, June 2nd for God's Sake!