Thursday, July 29, 2004

:: Long(er) weekend ::
Well, it's almost Friday, which means it's almost the long weekend, and after the stressful (to the point of ridiculousness) week I've had it can't come soon enough. Not that we're doing anything super great, mind you. In a rare occurence, I've managed to catch a break too - I get Tuesday off, making my long weekend longer than most other people's. The stars must be aligned or the God's must be smiling or something, because I haven't had a day off work, or a real holiday or any kind, in about 2 years. Not that this is a real holiday either, but 4 days off is still better than 3.
We were going to go camping in Kelowna, or somewhere cool, but we didn't get our shit together on time. Then we were planning on going up to Whistler to hang with Jer for awhile, but now he's decided to come home for two days this weekend instead (Nice goin' Jer, ya asshole, ruining our plans! jus' kidding.) So now, on Thursday at 11 o'clock we've got to what I'll tentitively call Plan E, or maybe we're at F now, I'm not sure.
Either way, this plan insists going out to Agassiz/Harrison Hot Springs and staying at the only place that (for now) still have vacancy - a big empty field behind some motel, pretty much right in town. It's still a campsite, and we'll still have beer, so I'm sure it'll be fun. Either way, it sure beats working.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

:: Where's the booze? ::
I would hazard to guess that every Friday since I've been back from Alberta - and a lot of Fridays before I even moved there as well - I had at least one beer. It's just what we do. The question on Friday after work is never "What are we doing?" it's always "Where are we drinking?" My point is that, yesterday, for the first Friday in many moons, I didn't drink a drop of alcohol. I just hung out with Doug, and while we did go out, I just didn't feel like drinking.
Now, to the point. Almost without fail, I've never felt hungover on a Saturday morning, and I've rarely puked in the A.M. either - except once or twice years ago. But today I woke up bright and early for baseball, after a night of no-alcohol, and I puked. Sure a lot of it was phlegm from having allergies etc, but still, I've come to one conclusion: My body needs alcohol. It loves it. Not to the point of being an alcoholic or anything of the sort, but after being conditioned to feel woozy every Saturday morning, I'm sure my body was not impressed when it woke up this morning stone-cold sober, without a Gary Busey-esque level of toxins in my body.
"Where the fuck's the beer?" it asked me, before imploring me to run to the bathroom and hurl up something that, rest assured, wasn't booze.

Friday, July 23, 2004

:: Details, details ::
Me and Doug talking about this really hot chick he sort of knows and likes and was talking to online..
Me: You should nail her.
Doug: I know, but she just found out that she's pregnant.
Me: So what? That's perfect - she can't get more pregnant.
Doug: That's a damn good point.

Monday, July 19, 2004

::The exciting life of a road construction flag-person in a predominently white neighbourhood ::
"I was so bored I counted how many black people drove past all day long...There were seven." - Jenna.
In also news, my current favourite song: "Dock of the Bay" by Otis Redding. I just like how he drags out the "Waaaaasssting Tiiiiime" line. Also good: Pearl Jam cover of the same song.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

"It's like an orgasm for my feet!" - Gorski, after putting his blistered foot up against the air conditioning in the car.
"Hi, I'm Scott. You may remember me from such things as 'Yesterday' and 'Brad's party on Friday.'" - Scott, doing his best Troy McClure impression when he met us at the beach today.

I haven't been posting as frequently lately, mainly because of laziness and also because I just haven't been in the mood to come up with anything interesting. However, here's the scoop as of late.
It was another expensive weekend - a lot of cases of beer bought, went out for dinner a few times, including tonight when we went to The Keg, which was good as always.
Friday night was a write-off for most of us, especially for the party-host Gorski, who drank a bunch of vodka and remembers absolutely nothing about the night. Not who was at his house, not what he did. Nothing. Pretty sweet. It was a fairly low-key party, we just drank and sat around watching Seinfeld - and terrible porn thanks to Gorski, Kyle and Gorski's little brother Scott - but it was still not too bad at all. We were at Gorski's on Saturday night too and it did make me realize that we certainly aren't as rowdy as we used to be, or maybe it's just me. That may be a good thing, but I'm sure things will be interesting again in no time, complete with much drunken debauchery.
Today we went out to White Pine beach in Port Moody. It was pretty damn fun - although it started off just shitty as hell. We got up late, the traffic was the worst I'd ever seen it due to people coming back from Merritt Music Fest and a bad accident on the Port Mann Bridge. What a joke that was - especially when you consider that me, Gorski and Kyle were crammed into the back of a Jetta, which made for a tight fit.
In Cannons news, we continue to lose. (Hey, that rhymed!) We've got a handful of games this week because playoffs are starting - although I've got to miss our second playoff game and possibly our third because of fuckin' work. God damn it. Work's going alright, I'm fairly sure I'm staying beyond my three months, which is nice. Although I had a dream that I won the lottery and quit, which is nicer. Probably not going to happen though. Fuck.
Me, Jenna and Brad were talkin' today at the beach about our potential trip to Mexico (The East Coast, right Jenna?) We want to go in January or February, so people start saving your god damn money. You free-spenders know exactly who you are. Speaking of which, Chris you owe me money. So do you Buchs.
The sun and the lake tired me out today and I crashed on my bed for an hour and a half tonight at 8:00, and then I got up and had a shower and now I can't fucking sleep. Dammit Dammit Dammit.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Happy 20th Birthday Chris!

I'd write something more here, but I'm hungover and tired and soon have to work.

Bah! Working hungover sucks.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Busy, busy last few days.

Worked quite a bit - especially with the Canada Cup taking up a lot of my time. Then of course we had three slo-pitch games - all 'L's of course. We gave the two best teams in the league a run for their money, but we'd always have one shitty inning that'd kill us. On the plus side though, Chris knocked one over the fence last night, which was awesome. And I'm slowly remembering how to hit.

In other news, Jeremy got a new job - an plumber/pipe-fitter apprenticeship in Whistler, where he'll be for the better part of the next two or three months probably. He'll make a shitload of money which is good, and I won't have to see him very often, which is even better - Good Riddance ya prick! Just kiddin, we'll probably miss him.

It's also Chris's birthday tomorrow, so we're going to Roosters tonight to just get loaded. It'll be an absolute gong-show, I can guarantee (or GARAUNTEE if you're mike).
I also saw Anchorman today which was fucking hilarious. What made it better was because, like Dodgeball, it had great cameos - Vince Vaughan, Luke Wilson, Ben Stiller, Tim Robbins. Great movie.

I also bought, this morning, tickets to Matt Good's august show at the Commodore, which is without question the best place in Vancouver to see a concert. I'm goin with Chris, Jenna, and Blatz. I've seen Matt Good play twice before - once at Edgefest years ago, and once even before that, when the Matt Good Band opened up for Aerosmith back when they were rookies.

So it's been an eventful, busy couple days, and tonight's the capper. In the words of The Simpson's bit character Jasper: "What a time to be alive."

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Meghan, talking about some old political science class she was once in:

Meghan: It was a good class, we got to form our our caucus- hehe, I can't even say that word without laughing.
Nick: It's like the word titmouse.
Meghan: It's a good thing we're grown adults.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Things that seemed like a good idea at the time:
- Communism
- Asbestos
- Lead paint
- eating 24 mini donuts at the Canada Day fireworks.

We just got back from the fireworks. It's 12:24. I just remembered I have to be at work early tomorrow - by 7:15.


Thursday, July 01, 2004

:: Lodging an official complaint ::

You know what really chaps my ass?

People who don't call you to do anything. Now, my old high school pal Mike Smith was the king of never calling people back, but this is a bit different - this is not calling people in the first place.

I call people all the time...well maybe not all the time but a fair amount. Then today, on Canada Day when cool things are happening, nobody calls me. Not once. I did see Chris this morning when he was going to some beach in Vancouver, but then he said they weren't going and he left. In the end they went to Allouette Lake for the day. Jeremy, Bucholtz and Gorski went to some Canada Day Festival in Port Moody.

Thanks for the phone call fuckers. I appreciate it.