Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Reboot

This blog is not dead.

Life support? Maybe. But breathing. And fresh off a pretty major facelift, because my old-school Blogger 1.0 template finally kicked it, forcing me to change. Thankfully, I've tweaked the template to something that vaguely resembles the old, though I'm still having comment issues (some posts have comment options, others don't seem to.)

I could've - should've - made the template switch years ago, but I resisted because I don't like change. But aside from the fact I only changed it now because I had to (always easier to be pushed from the ledge than jump willingly), I figure it's time.

I have to re-add some links to the sidebar, so that'll be updated soon enough. And when I'm able to, I'll be replacing the blog header graphic with something that better represents what this blog has become, and what I might be writing about. We aren't 19 anymore, and we don't have stupid mohawks (or sidewalks....really Ky? Christ...) or spend every Friday and Saturday night drinking 16 beers and dropping the bottle caps behind Sean's couch.

And hell, I might even starting writing a little more consistently, so hopefully there's still a few of you around to read it.

So here's to Classic Times 2.0.

Less shenanigans, same bad attitude.


Mike said...

You're also not in the Loops, either!

Nick said...

Yeah, well I know how to change the address and also transfer everything over. Never bothered to try it – maybe it's simple - but I've just never done so.

Nick said...

That should say, "I don't know how"